JOTS Occupational Therapy

An expert service that provides care for children and the people who take care of them.



For Children and Young People

Occupational therapy can help babies, infants, children and young people grow, learn, have fun and socialise to develop their full potential so that they are able to participate in daily life, thrive and reach their full potential.

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Why JOTS Occupational Therapy?

We combine our experience, knowledge and skills in working with children into a dedicated service – JOTS OT.

JOTS fully understand the needs of both children and parents. Our aim to make children and those who support them, independent of us, not dependent upon our services. To achieve this we believe the best place to see a child is in their own environment. Therefore, JOTS can travel to see a child at home or school as well as operate in a clinic setting.

JOTS Occupational Therapy

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Helping Children Overcome Everyday Challenges
Children's Handwriting

Children’s Handwriting

Practical advice and exercises for improving handwriting and boosting confidence.

Strength and Coordination

Strength & Coordination
Gross Motor Skills

Hop, skip, jump, push and pull are all skills needed, to build foundational gross motor coordination.

Sensory Assessment

Sensory Assessment

How your child copes with the ever growing load of sensory information that enters their senses on a daily basis.

Independent Living

Sensory and Anxious Eaters Feeding

For some children eating can be an overwhelming sensory experience.

  Visual Perceptual Skills

A child’s ability to process what they see and respond with a body movement.

School Ready Checks

School Ready Checks

A school ready check for your preschooler or early years learner is an opportunity for you to gauge their school readiness with the skills they will need when they start school.  Skills observed include: opening/closing containers, play, prewriting, body awareness and coordination.


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Why Choose Us?

  Passionate and Professional

I am passionate about what I do and keep up to date with practice through reading current literature, attending courses and participating in professional supervision.

  Empowering Young People

I love to empower children, adolescents and young adults with new and adaptive skills for learning and living.


I have been working as an occupational therapist for over 20 years. I work with toddlers through to teens, as well as young adults.

  Excellent Reputation

JOTS Occupational Therapy started in March 2023 and have an excellent reputation throughout Bermuda and we have been growing ever since so you know you are in safe hands.

Looking for Children’s Occupational Therapy Bermuda?

Do you have any questions or concerns about your child’s development? We can help them develop or regain skills. Get in touch today.