About JOTS Occupational Therapy


Meet Julie

Hi !  I’m Julie and I am the occupational therapist (OT) behind JOTS – a private occupational therapy practice located in the City of Hamilton, Bermuda.

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Julie Farnsworth, BScOT (UK)

As an occupational therapist with over 20 years in practice I believe in learning through doing and helping others to develop or regain skills to get them doing what they want, need or love to do ~ I work with toddlers through to teens, as well as young adults who need strengthening or support with the skills they use for learning and living.

I obtained my degree in occupational therapy from Oxford Brookes University in England in 1999.  Since then, I’ve worked in mental health, intellectual disabilities, early intervention, school-based settings and private practice.   

I started my career in mental health at St. Andrew’s Hospital, Northampton, UK for several years before returning home to Bermuda.  I then worked at the Mid Atlantic Wellness Institute with clients who have Intellectual Disabilities before grabbing an opportunity to move into paediatrics in the public sector.

Julie Farmsworth OT

My paediatric experience includes working with individuals who have: autism, sensory processing difficulties, fine motor delays, handwriting difficulties including dysgraphia, developmental coordination disorder/dyspraxia, A.D.H.D., executive functioning challenges, anxiety disorders, chromosomal anomalies, oppositional defiance disorder and more.

I have carried out assessments and treatments in various settings including schools, autism and functional skills classrooms, nurseries, homes and clinics.  I am skilled at liaising with schools, families, and other health professionals.  

My professional interests are in autism, picky or anxious eating, and handwriting challenges. I maintain professional standards and stay up to date with evidence-based practice.

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Why Choose Us?

  Passionate and Professional

I am passionate about what I do and keep up to date with practice through reading current literature, attending courses and participating in professional supervision.

  Empowering Young People

I love to empower children, adolescents and young adults with new and adaptive skills for learning and living.


I have been working as an occupational therapist for over 20 years. I work with toddlers through to teens, as well as young adults.

  Excellent Reputation

JOTS Occupational Therapy started in March 2023 and have an excellent reputation throughout Bermuda and we have been growing ever since so you know you are in safe hands.

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Who Is This For?

Children may benefit from Occupational Therapy if they have difficulties with:

Anxiety with writing – in general and in examinations.

Anxious/Picky eating

Clumsiness/Poor coordination

Concentration; attention; impulse control

Fine motor delays; dysgraphia; handwriting

Organisational skills

Sensory Processing

Self-Regulation (emotional and / or sensory)

Visual Motor and Visual Perceptual skills

Structure to day and independence with daily activities (dressing, bathing, eating)

Are you concerned about your child’s development?

Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns about your child’s development.  We can help them develop or regain skills to get them doing what they want, need or love to do.